Becoming a mom can be an overwhelming experience whether it’s your first time or your third time!

We know each child is different and doesn’t come with a manual, which is why we’re here to help you through all of life’s little and big changes. Our care team brings both professional and personal experience to keep your baby happy and healthy from birth into adulthood.

From prenatal visits for expectant mothers to first-time visits for families who are fostering or adopting a new member of the family, Lakeside Pediatrics is here to help you welcome a child into your world.

Medicaid & Private Plans

We accept most major insurance carriers and Medicaid. Check out all the plans covered at Lakeside Pediatrics to ensure coverage.

New Mom Services

Prenatal Appointments

Meet one of our doctors, learn about who we are, and how our team will help you in caring for your baby.

Newborn Visits

We’re ready when you both are! Newborn visits are available 7 days a week. Call 863-688-3550 before being discharged and come see us the day after you are discharged from the hospital.

Lactation Support

Often the hardest weeks are the first few weeks while mom and baby learn to work together for a successful breastfeeding experience. We have 3 International Board-Certified Lactation Consults who are also MDs or ARNPs ready to assist with nursing, pumping, or general breastfeeding questions.

Tongue-tie Release

Tongue-tie is a condition some babies are born with when a small line of tissue keeps the baby’s tongue from moving freely, instead keeping their tongue on the floor of their mouth. This can make breastfeeding difficult. To treat tongue-tie, we offer a simple surgical procedure that snips the small line of tissue tethering your baby’s tongue to the floor of their mouth. It’s a quick procedure, and there’s minimal discomfort for your baby.

Looking for a caring team to ensure your baby’s health from birth to teenager? Call our office to schedule your new mom consultation or newborn appointment.

Stay Healthy, Stay on Schedule

From newborn to toddler to teenager, it’s vital to ensure your child is meeting his or her milestones throughout the years. We follow the well-visit guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics to assess your child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

As your child grows, these well visits continually measure your child’s height and weight and provide age-appropriate evaluations to confirm he or she is hitting the milestones needed for health and wellness. Here we also provide routine immunizations for preventative care. Click below to see the recommended vaccination schedule.

Care When You Need It Most

We have a provider on call 24/7/365. When our office is closed overnight and you have an urgent issue that cannot wait until morning, you can call 863-688-3550 and the provider on-call will give you advice regarding your child’s problem.

Start your child’s health journey with Lakeside Pediatrics. For all new patient appointments, please call our office to speak with our staff.