Stay healthy, Central Florida.

We have a provider on call 24/7/365. When our office is closed overnight and you have an urgent issue that cannot wait until morning, you can call 863-688-3550 and the provider on-call will give you advice regarding your child’s problem.

Well Child Visits

These are the annual checkups we use to make sure your child is healthy, growing, and happy! We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations for wellness visits for children. These visits help us make sure your child is meeting the right milestones of development, staying up-to-date on vaccines, and receiving preventive care to keep them from getting sick.

You can check out our schedule for recommended well child visits, plus what to expect during your visits.


It’s true—vaccines save lives! We firmly believe vaccines may be the single most important health-promoting intervention we can do for your child. Wellness visits are a chance for providers to make sure your child’s vaccines are up to date. Click here to see the recommended immunization schedule.

Vaccine Policy
Immunization Information

Sports Physicals

Keep your young athlete in tip-top shape! Sports physicals help your child’s school know if participating in specific sports will be safe for them. They are not the same as an annual well child exam, but we can do both a wellness visit and a sports exam at the same time. Polk County Schools require student athletes to have an updated sports exam every year.